Happy Chinese New year !

Now, we are in the new year of the Earth Dog ! I went to Paris for this event to make some food shopping and eat some vietnamese dishes !

I really like this moment of the year because spring is coming soon (not really right now but it’s coming) and my birthday is approaching, it is on the 10th of March. The festivities make me feel happy after a January and a February which passed very slowly. We want all to stay at home when there is a bad weather !

About January outfits, I didn’t want to find new outfits. I wanted to take time to rest but things haven’t quite gone to plan. I didn’t understand why I was so tired since a few weeks even if I slept at 9 pm and wake up at 7 am. The reason is because of my cats. Those little monsters wanted to go outside at night. I can’t ignore them because they make some noise in my house. They know how to wake me up ! They are very smart and when they want to go home, they are meowing very loudly. Because of that, I couldn’t sleep well. I have to find a solution by myself.

It was a lifestyle story of the day ! Now about my outfit on this post, I’m always in love with the red clothes. I know I will have to change soon because the red color is not fashionable in spring and summer. However, it is the color which goes best to girls with brown hair.

Photos and video by Maxime Degée



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