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J'ai toujours été de celles qui veulent avoir leur indépendance, celles qui tracent leur chemin toutes seules sans avoir besoin de refaire les schémas typiques de la vie de tout le monde. Je ne cherche pas à me construire une maison, à faire des enfants,...

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Petit imprevu

C'est tellement rare d'avoir de bonnes marques belges... Aujourd'hui, je vous présente un look de la marque Imprevu. La collection été m'a vraiment tapé dans l'oeil cette année, j'ai eu un réel coup de foudre pour ce pantalon très tropical.

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I can't wait to go to Japan at the end of September. It had been more than 4 years since I didn't go on holiday. It is not because of a lack of money, but I had nobody to organize a big trip.

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Minouderie Fashion blog

Indonesian Instant

I don't like green color, I don't wear this color because it does not inspire me enormously but the emerald green, it is something else! I see it on some exotic insects, on duck's feathers or on emeralds. It fascinates me !

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Here are some pictures in an Asian ambience at Pairi Daiza...I don't travel so much even if some of you think I do when you see my last pictures but Pairi Daiza park gives me the chance to escape from the daily life...

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CUte Baywatch

One-piece swimsuits don’t fit me because of my body shape. I have a long torso and when I try an one-piece swimsuit, a bodysuit or a romper, there is a big problem with my buttocks !

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The biggest question on everyone’s lips is “Would you wear white to a wedding?” In the classic view, you shouldn’t mess with the bride on her wedding day.

Fashion blog Minouderie

Need a break

I travelled a lot these days but not in a sunny place ... The perfect place would be a seaside city where I can eat shellfish and drink delicious cocktails. I’m not planning on going anywhere but I can do those things at home ...

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Imperial outfit

I will never turn away my origins... I'm neither chinese, nor japanese, nor korean...

Fashion blog Minouderie


Some of you asked me if my whole outfit was a dress?


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