Paris is always a good idea

A big love story was born between waders and me… I didn’t like this kind of shoes before. I had this cliché of “woman with waders, she is a little whore” but finally when we associate these shoes with something classy, this works out well. I have not already try the varnish versions yet, I think it’s not stylish. I prefer to go towards materials like deer as those I’m wearing on my pictures.

Taking a quickie trip to Paris, I was obviously like a tourist. I went to see the different monuments known from the city of the lights… It’s a city where there is always something to do, to discover,…

I’m wearing a top from Uniqlo, a short and waders from Zara, a coat from Rocawear, a bag from So Cute in Mons, and a beret from Veritas.

Pictures : Maxime Degée


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