2018 – Minouderie


It has been almost 1 year I’m so busy between my job as communication officer, the modelling and my blog… After work, I go to sport and work on my blog. There is a lot to do behind Minouderie. I’m tired but it’s worth every effort … You have to work hard to have what you want.

Minouderie grew up in 3 years… I began publishing my everyday outfits and was inspired by the other bloggers who were already well-known. My brand identity was not really developed. My blog was not original… When I look at what I did at the beginning, there is an evolution !

After 1 year and a half, I had my first partnership and then each 3 months, I had one. In 2016, that was the year Minouderie began to develop: the blog design and the logo had changed, pictures are in better quality thanks to my collaboration with Maxime Degée and Vincenzo Di Caro, more partnerships are coming. Even if i was not the winner, my nomination to the Zalando Style Icons awards was as a consecration. Among thousands of belgian bloggers, i was in the 4 finalists of the ” Creative Content “category . I didn’t believe it ! That was all it took to prompt me to strive even harder.

In February 2017, I began my new job as communication officer. I’m a bachelor in marketing but not in communication. I learned communication alone thanks to the blog Minouderie, that’s why I was able to get this job. My knowledge of the social networks and the other communications tools help me a lot. I advise you to educate yourselves permanently after your studies even if it takes days, weeks and months… Having a great diploma is not enough… You have to prove you have already applied some skills and used tools…

Let’s start with a good new year… Minouderie grows up and get many partnerships. Unfortunatly I had to refuse some of them because i have a lot to do… I improve the design of the new platform of my blog, my graphic standards and also my editorial line. Photos are more worked thanks to Maxime Degée who helps me enormously and does not hesitate to mess a kick in the ass when I am not motivated.

I was very sick in July and August… I had enough of the blog and especially Instagram. I wanted to give up everything. I was lost so deep inside myself and found my blog was nowhere. I hated the new algorithms from all the social networks. I didn’t want to watch anymore my telephone during weekends. I needed a break. All the tools I used for the blog go to my work. Working alone request a lot of courage. Fortunately, people around me understood my crisis and I thank them so much for supporting me. Without them, maybe there’s no more Minouderie today.

I wanted to thank some people for helping me : my cousin Sang who always suggests me a lot of ideas for the blog, helps me shooting some pictures and encourages me in making me eating delicious foods. My mother for checking all the text of my blog and choosing my dresses. She sure has good advices. My boyfriend who also reads my text and helps me to improve my writing and (even if he grumbles) has to wait before eating a dish to let me shoot it before eating. Naturally, Maxime Degée, Vincenzo Di Caro and Thomas Bouquet who are my photographers. And of course, so many thanks to all of my readers and followers. If you are not there, Minouderie doesn’t exist…Hope this year will be great for Minouderie!

Thank you !

Picture : Maxime Degée



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