Who is Minouderie ?


Hello, my name is Linh.

I am the blogger from Minouderie.com since 2014. Minouderie is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Minouderie blog share with you originals outfits and others many things... 

I was born in Belgium but I have many origins : Belgian, Austrian, British and Vietnamese... Quite a lot for one person ! Alongside blogging, I am communication officer and model. My agencies are Flag Models Brussels, Styledust Models and Contrebande Paris. 

I'm a huge fan of cats ! I have a mascot who follows me everywhere (at my home, not at the office). Her name is Tsuki. ->

Where does come from the name "Minouderie" ? 

I started a blog with the name "Belgian Youth" but I realised that there would be a problem in the long term with this name. It could not follow me forever. 3 years ago, I was looking for a name which matched with me. I was fan about all things come from Japan. I enjoyed to make japanese facial mimics when they take themselves in picture. It was at this time, I thought about the word "Minauderie" in french. This is a word which characterize these gestures. I am a fan of cats so I changed the "A" of "Minauderie" in "O" because "Minou" in french, it's a nickname of a cat. The name "Minouderie" was born like this...

Your name is "Linh" ?

No, I took the name "Linh" for my blog to have something more short and more asian. This name come from my aunt who wrote my name in her phone books like this : Linh Say.


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